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Escambia Virtual Academy

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    The 2018-19 Student/Parent Handbook

    2018-19 Standard Operating Procedures

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    Escambia Virtual Academy (EVA) meets the demands of today's digital learners through individualized instruction that moves beyond the four walls of the classroom and a clock.

    Why choose Escambia Virtual Academy?

    • Highly qualified, local,  Escambia Virtual Academy teachers
    • Rigorous curriculum with a successful track record
    • Registration exclusive to students residing in Escambia County
    • No waiting list
    • An accredited, public school diploma issued by EVA through the Escambia County School District for students meeting criteria upon completion of the 12th gradecomp.jpg
    • Seamless transition to and from traditional brick and mortar schools
    • Graduation plans to meet individual student needs
    • Opportunities to receive Florida Bright Futures Scholarship

    What does it cost?
    There is no cost to home school, private school or public school students residing in Escambia County, Florida.

    Is it part-time or full-time?
    Students in grades K-12 can take one or more virtual courses through our franchise. This program is open to home, private and public school students.  Full-time students must take 6 courses per semester if pursuing a high school diploma. 


    For information about state testing for private school, home school or virtual school students, contact Linda Patti at (850) 469-5457.


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    For the State Uniform Testing Calendar for ECSD please click the icon above.  A more detailed session calendar will be posted when available. 

    Our district is committed to engaging our parents and families in every child’s education. To continue our journey to excellence in this area, we gather data from stakeholders to determine where we are as a district and to set and act on realistic, measurable goals for continuous improvement.
    The Parent Satisfaction Survey allows parents to provide feedback on their experience with their child’s school. Please communicate with your parents in the most effective way and ask them to complete this short survey (about 10 minutes).
    The survey can be accessed online at this link: ECSD Parent Satisfaction Survey.

    FALL 2018-2019 School Year Registration Deadline -

    August 31st


    SPRING 2018-2019 School Year Registration Deadline -

    January 31st


    To register for the FLVS platform or District Partner Platform, please contact our office directly at (850) 469-5457.  To register for the FuelED (formerly K12) program, see below for more information.

    k12 Platform


    Are you a parent or guardian of a student seeking FULL-TIME enrollment in EVA using the k12 Platform for the 2018-19 school-year? Call Kim Rayburn at (850) 430-7532 to begin the registration process.  Then, click the image below for STEP 1 of the registration process.  Visit our office to complete the process!


    NOTE: This is Step 1 of the process.  Your student is not registered until you contact our office and complete necessary paperwork.




    Online School Learning Coach


    Chris Everette
    Escambia Virtual Academy Coordinator
    (850) 469-5457

    Kim Rayburn
    Instructional Lead
    Grades K - 7

    K-12 Liaison
    (850) 430-7532

    Chet Truett
    Instructional Lead
    Grades 11-12
    (850) 469-5537

    Linda Patti

    Instructional Lead

    Grade 9 - 10

    Testing Coordinator

    (850) 469-5443

    Charles Cather

    Instructional Lead

    Virtual Labs

    (850) 602-5251 



    Susie Leggett
    Data Specialist
    (850) 469-5347

    Kathy Nelson
    Administrative Secretary
    (850) 469-5457





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