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Math Acceleration - PEAK

Semester Timeline

 Begins - June 8th

 Ends - July 27th


Are you interested in taking a Math Course over the Summer? Escambia Virtual Academy offers Math Acceleration for current Escambia County students during the Summer. Please note there are eligibility requirements, and limited seats. Math Acceleration is also limited to the three Middle School Math courses (Math 6, Math 7, and Pre-Algebra). If you have any questions or would like to enroll please contact your school for more information. Our office does not have the ability to enroll your child in Math Acceleration.

Teacher Phone Email
Amy Webb (850) 469-5462
Patricia Hawkins (850) 270-1613


Summer 21 Updates:

July 16: All students should be finished with Q3. Getting so close to the finish line! Only one more to go. Good luck!

June 23: All students who were unable to meet the correct pacing for Q1 have been withdrawn. Please note the 36 week course is condensed to a 7 week time frame which can be very difficult. There are no negative penalties for trying and withdrawing. For those that have finished Q1 please be aware Q2 is due July 2. Good luck!

June 16: All students must be started by now. Any students who have not started will be withdrawn by the end of the day. Please realize the 36 week course is condensed to a 7 week time frame and in order to participate in Math Acceleration you are required to be present and stay on pace. For students who have started here is your reminder Quarter 1 in your assigned course must be completed by June 21.  

June 14: Hopefully by now everyone has started their Math Acceleration course. Please make sure to start by June 15 or risk withdrawal from the program. Don't forget all students must adhere to the minimum pacing guides provided on our website.

June 8: Welcome everyone to the start of the Summer semester. All registered students should have received a Welcome Email from your teacher today. Please make sure to check your student school email account. Good luck and make sure to get started!

June 7: All Math Acceleration Students who were registered by your school in FOCUS have been created and classroom assigned in Peak. You should have received an auto enrollment email from Peak Support. The email was sent to the student's school email. The emails contain the student login information and course instructor. Welcome emails will go out tomorrow when the Summer semester officially starts!

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