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ECSD FLVS-Franchise Full-Time- Grades 6-12

Escambia Virtual Academy FLVS-Franchise

Are you an Escambia County School District student and seek FULL-TIME enrollment in EVA using the FLVS-Franchise Virtual Platform?

We are an Escambia County Public School Franchise of Florida Virtual School. We utilize their learning management system with teachers employed by the Escambia County School District. Our students follow the same high school diploma path as a traditional high school. The academy is a semester-based program; credit is awarded for the successful completion of a semester course prior to the semester deadline. Therefore, enrollment requires a semester-long or year-long commitment, as well as an adult who can partner with Escambia Virtual Academy teachers by serving as the learning guide for the student. Students are required to take 6 courses each semester in order to be a Full-Time student with EVA. You can find out more information on our program by clicking HERE

If you are interested in becoming a full time virtual student in Escambia Virtual Academy your next step for enrollment would be to schedule an appointment for registration. Please EMAIL the appropriate grade level Academic Advisor below to schedule a registration appointment. In your email, please include the student's name and student number. Your student is not registered until the student and a legal guardian of the student meets with an Academic Advisor. 

New students to the Escambia County School District will need to create an ECSD Student Account. Please click HERE to create an ECSD Student Account. Please also bring a copy of their school transcripts to the registration appointment. You will also need to have your previous school fax transcripts to our office, unless the copy you bring to the meeting is in an officially sealed envelope and contains the appropriate administrative signatures. Our fax number is (850) 941-6105.

A legal guardian and the student must be present during the registration meeting. Photo ID and a utility bill showing proof of residency in the county are required as well. Prior to the registration meeting the student will need to create an FLVS account (click HERE if they do not already have an FLVS account and follow these Instructions on how to create an FLVS Account). During the account creation, it will prompt you to request a course in order to create an account, please request your appropriate grade level English course. Parents, please also complete and bring the Registration Forms to the meeting along with a utility bill for address verification.

Registration summary

Step 1. Email the appropriate grade level Academic Advisor to schedule a registration meeting. 

Step 2. Complete the Registration Forms, print and bring to your scheduled meeting. 

Step 3. Complete the grade appropriate Enrollment Form.

Step 4. Locate an Escambia County utility bill (gas, electricity, water/sewage, sanitation) in the legal guardian's name for address verification and bring to the registration meeting. 

* Cell Phone, TV/Cable, Internet are not acceptable. 

Step 5a. Follow these Instructions and Create an Student FLVS Account (unless you already have one) prior to the registration meeting. 

Step 5b. *If your previous school was Private, Out of District or Out-of-State Create an ECSD Student Account prior to the registration meeting. 

Step 6. Attend the scheduled meeting. 

Academic Advisors
Grade 6 Angela Avery (850) 469-5465
Grade 7 Kenneth Hicks (850) 469-5464
Grade 8 Charles Cather (850) 430-7456
Grade 9 Patricia Hawkins (850) 439-2674
Grade 10 Kim Rayburn (850) 430-7532

Grades 11 Linda Patti (850) 469-5443
Grades 12 Chet Truett (850) 469-5537
Dual Enrollment Amy Webb (850) 469-5462







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Limited Registration Period:

January 4th - January 23rd

Please click the appropriate grade level Registration tab for information on how to enroll. 

Enrollment Form

Spring 23 Registration will open in January with limited capacity based upon Academic eligibility requirements. The Enrollment Forms will not be accessible until the registration period opens for enrollment.

6th Grade

7th Grade

8th Grade

9th Grade

10th Grade

11th Grade

12th Grade

*Please complete the appropriate Google Form (Grades 6-12) above if you plan to Re-Enroll or Enroll with us for the 2022-2023 School Year.

*If this is your first year with EVA, you will also need to schedule a registration appointment via email with the appropriate grade-level Academic Advisor. (see below)